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The hype is real. On October 21st, Robin Reed addressed the 500+ strong crowd from the center stage at the Mediterranean Conference Center, a magnificent venue for the iGaming Next: Valletta conference.

HappyHour’s CEO talked about the casino and the act of gambling in itself, inherently being a social activity. This however changed when the casino migrated online. Gone were the shared experience of winning and losing, along came seclusion. Livespins, seeks to empower your casino to be socially charged. Let’s bring back the good times.

The product allows players and casino live streamers/entertainers to sit in the same room and play together whilst sharing the experience and entertainment. Casino players will replicate the live streamer’s bets in real time whilst still being in full control of how much they want to stake and for how long. Together they share the same wins, losses, entertainment whilst creating memorable moments as a community.

What followed next, is a rare occasion at conferences like iGaming Next: A live demo of a brand new product. On stage, it showcased how players can watch their favourite online casino streamer play, bet behind him, and interact with them in chat, truly bringing the casino community together in a euphoric gaming experience.

The Livespins team was truly humbled by the great feedback and response they got at the iGamingNext: Valletta conference. The interest spanned game providers, casino operators, and live casino streamers.

Let’s make our future socially charged. Together.