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Livespins strives to be different and this translates into everything we do, and that even includes how we build products.

The idea of #buildinpublic is to adopt a transparent product development methodology where the end users are constantly involved in building the product and being as transparent as possible during the process. This is our promise to our users and the industry.

Constant Feedback Loop

At Livespins we kickstarted Friday demos almost from the very start, the idea behind this is to let the whole company try the product and give feedback on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. There are several benefits to this, the main one being a constant feedback loop which you are using to improve the product, it creates a healthy environment of demoing so inherently you plan for the week to deliver for the demo, it also involves the tech and product team and see what they are building being used (and sometimes abused!)

User Testing

Getting closer to launching, lately Livespins had a user testing round with real users, some of them actual players whilst others being avid followers of casino slots streamers. It’s so humbling to see the product being used by others and getting their feedback. So here is some of the feedback we got:

  • “Amazing concept!”
  • “This is gonna change the casino streams! In a positive way!”
  • “Would be great to see the stats of the session for the whole group…”
  • “Would be great to see more community engagement mechanics. Like polls”

But this is our favourite one:
All the votes

Constantly adapting and pivoting

We were really excited by the feedback we got, for Livespins it’s very important to provide the best shared experience and entertainment for our players. In these user sessions you should pay more attention to what is not being said, then to what is being said, this helps you read in between the lines and find things that even the users themselves did not know they need or want. Achieving product market fit is a challenging and twisted road, it’s very important to adapt and pivot the product to add value.

At Livespins we are excited with the progress we are making and will be sharing it every step of the way. So stay tuned